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Welcome to A Trailfinder Tours: A Trailfinder Tours is an emerging name in the travel domain of Bhutan and operating with an aim of making the process of travel easier and convenient for travel-crazy people. Our company base is located in Thimphu, Bhutan. Sangay Wangdi is the brain behind the incorporation of our company and we have been providing services of a travel agent since June 2014. Our motto is to become the preferred choice of inbound, outbound and domestic travelers. Besides handing tour operations, we provide car renting, airline ticketing, passport & visa and hotel booking services. Also, clients can approach us for organizing and managing a variety of corporate and private events. At A Trailfinder Tours, we organize trips that are completely based around your schedule and style- they are one-of-its-kind experiences that are as unique as you are. We host theme tours for honeymoon holidays, romantic holidays, family holidays, group holidays, adventure tour, etc., around Nepal, India, Myanmar, Thailand and Sikkim. We are associated with German, Spanish, French and Japanese speaking guides to help you explore the locals in a hassle-free manner. Why With Us? 1. Schedule of your choice A Trailfinder Tours and Treks have only one priority that is satisfaction of the visitors. At the end of the tour, we would like to see that smile of satisfaction. We are there just to make your dream of touring Bhutan, a reality based on your own terms. You get to choose your own schedules and we provide you with all the arrangements to make the tour a special one. 2. Quality Services A Trailfinder Tours and Treks ensure quality services to the visitors in all the schedules. We place you in the country's most recommended hotels; we also arrange home stay for those who really want to see the real Bhutan and the authentic Bhutanese way of living. The transportation is just the best-comfortable and safe throughout the journey, we also arrange campaigning and hiking close to nature, under the starry sky and meal is your own command. The quality is also added by our professional guides, who will be narrating you the history of the events and places as you pass by. 3. Professional Guides A Trailfinder Tours and Treks have trained professional guides for the convenience of the visitors. They can speak fluent English, Chinese, French, Indian, Korean and Neplai. They will always be there guiding the visitors, answering the queries and providing the best service. They are friendly to talk to, just like family. 4. Expansive Destinations A Trailfinder Tours and Treks provide expansive destinations across the nation. The visitors will get to traverse from major towns of west to the remotest villages of east, Merak and Sakteng. You will have this opportunity to understand the rich culture of Bhutan and meet people from different walks of lives. You will enjoy the beauty of Himalayan snow and the fresh smell of nature all around the nation. 5. Assurance of individual security We would assure the security of all the visitors. The visitors can have smooth and wonderful tour around the nation without any fear in the mind. Moreover, Bhutanese people are very welcoming and we as agency, reassuring. 6. Itineraries of your choice Itineraries of a path to Himalayan country Bhutan will be planned with the closed consultation with our clients. The given itineraries are finalized accordingly with the previous visitor's feedback. We offer itineraries of your choice and convenient. You! Don't want to miss this opportunity to see the 'Beauty of Bhutan'. Our Mission and Goal: To serve the guest with best services, charge less with no compromization in services.