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Bhutan is the land famous for rich and abundant in its culture, values, and heritage and is brimming with heavenly beauty. Being one of the largest districts in Bhutan, Wangdue Phodrang is rich in diverse flora and fauna coupled with tremendous beauty. With its diverse rich natural resources and climate, Wangdue Phodrang is the home to many exotic and rare plants like orchids, Rhododendrons, Blue Poppy, etc. and animals like tigers, leopards, red pandas and many more. The place is popular for the beautiful valley, spiritual monasteries, temples, and rustic villages and attracts many tourists all across the world.

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A Trailfinder Tours let you experience the beauty of the charming and unexplored part of the Wangdue Phodrang by offering the best Packages in Wangdue Phodrang. The packages especially let you tour the best of Bhutan, ranging from its most prominent old temples, monasteries, scenic valleys, and its extensive national park system. There is a fairly good range of adventurous activities to experience in Bhutan, which you can avail with our budget Wangdue Phodrang tour packages. Our exciting packages which have been designed keeping in mind the experiences desired by the adventure lovers. Book Wangdue Phodrang Tour Packages with us to explore and endure the untouched and extraordinary beauty of Wangdue Phodrang with a great price.

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